Monday, 14 July 2014

July WIPocalypse

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been quiet on the blogging front but have had a crazy busy week! Had a benefits tribunal with my dad who is off work with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and we won, such a relief! Also my friends wedding was on Saturday. Had a lovely lovely day and very pleased for her.

Wedding time means Boofle! Sadly, I didn't get Boofle done in time for the wedding, what with everything else on. However, she is back from honeymoon in 2 weeks so I have time to get it finished for her then. I have got Mrs Boofle, the bunting, personalising and then the back stitch to do before framing it. All things that really need to be right! I'd rather take the extra time and do it right than rush it.

All in all, I have this habit of underestimating how much time it takes me to stitch things. Does anyone else find that? I forget how long getting everything right and following a pattern will take and end up overshooting my deadlines. As I haven't been stitching all that long, I suppose it's just something that will come with time.

Still got three weeks left till I start my work placement. I'm really excited about it, but am going to relish these last few weeks. Got a few things I still want to do with my time off. Nothing exciting, but just those bits that pile up when you are busy! One of them is getting back to a routine with the gym and swimming. Long story for another post but I suffer with Major Depressive Disorder and have a delightful cocktail of meds to keep me stable, however one in particular has caused me to swell like a balloon in the last few years. I'm now coming off that one and am hoping I get back to a normal size again!! We will see...

Anyhoo, hope all of you are well. Will blog hop and check out all your WIPocalypses this evening. Until then....happy stitching! Xxx



  1. Ooooh Boofle stitch is coming along nicely :)
    Lol... things take as long as they take me! I dont estimate the time as I really have no concept of time!! ha ha
    Good luck with the gym and swim... remember to keep it fun then you will enjoy it more. I hear you with the whole weight issue... welcome to my world and ongoing journey :) Take each day as it comes... and keep smiling :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Boofle stitching is looking amazing!! I always underestimate time to do things too - but then I decide I am doing it because I enjoy it not because I have to rush - well that is the theory!! lol!! Good luck with the change in your medication, they can be so good for us but then the side effects can be so hard to cope with!!


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