Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Plodding on, slowly but surely...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is enjoying the slightly better weather after the recent downpours here! Well I'm home now after a lovely week in Devon. Waking up usual time on Monday was a bit of a culture shock for us both and I don't feel like I have stopped since!

Had a bit of a palaver with Boofle yesterday. Silly things really but ended up spending a while stitching a section of shading in half cross stitches, realising I had made a mistake which couldn't be ignored as it affected the whole design and having to frog the lot. Argh! Took me the same amount of time to frog it as it had to stitch, had to ditch all the floss as it was a bit tired looking and then restitching it all. Made for a grumpy evening!! Thankfully we are talking again today and that's the last of the half cross stitches done, I can decidedly say I am very pleased!

All the shadows on the bottom, that's the entire section I had to frog. Ugh, onwards and upwards..It's just over a week and a half to the wedding and I need to finish and get it framed. Framing will be my next challenge as I haven't done that before but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it....

I took my dad out for a belated Fathers Day treat today. There's a pudding restaurant style gelataria near us which is very popular but which he hasn't been to yet. As he has a really sweet tooth, I thought it would be an ideal place to spoil him a little.

Doesn't he look happy? Look at the size of that waffle! I had a few scoops of ice cream as I'm more of a savoury kinda girl (but love a little ice cream, what girl doesn't!). Dad loved it so much he has decided he wants to bring his birthday forward (it's in November!!) so he can go next week, then maybe the following week we could go in lieu of next years Fathers Day. Hmm, I might be buying him an extended belt for his next birthday...

Would also like to say welcome to my new followers. I really appreciate you all commenting and taking time to visit me here in my little corner of t'interweb!

Until next time...Happy stitching!!



  1. So sorry about the frog's visit, but your piece is looking so nice! Hope the rest goes smoothly. Lovely looking dessert that your dad is enjoying :)

    Have a good weekend!

    1. And you as well Carol! Hopefully the rain will pass x

  2. Sorry that you had a visit from the frog , but your stitching looks wonderful.
    Happy you had a good visit to Devon.

  3. Had a lovely time in Devon thank you :-) back yo normality this week


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