Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The bug is back!

Hi all,

Hope you are all well. I'm enjoying the nights starting to draw in a little. Autumn is my favourite time of year, the colours and slight chill in the air is so lovely!


Well after losing my stitchy bug slightly, I've found him again and am thoroughly enjoying working on the baby sampler and it is sooooo quick to stitch.

I think I lost my bug as I insisted on doing the border first. It was such a drag with just one colour in one long line. Next solid border I end up doing, I will do in stages. I really feel like with every piece I stitch I'm learning more and more! Gridding, loop method, fractionals and the dreaded French knot and even framing! I love this hobby so much!

I treated myself today to a little thread jar to keep all my TUSAL oddments in. Sainsburys had Kilner jars on sale and this one made it's way home. It's already filling with prettiness!

I've been admiring everyone's blogs recently and have got a bit of a thing about learning different ways to make up my stitching. After all, after the baby samplers I doubt I'm going to keep doing framed pieces forever! I really fancy learning how to make cushions and pull hangers and customising things using waste canvas. I'm so obsessed that I have asked Santa for a sewing machine this year! A few friends and family have machines so I may have to go and play on them to get a feel for it. Any tips?

Right, better get to bed. Am up early this week for work but I don't mind as Michael and I have a quiet week off work next week! Stitchy heaven here I come!!

Until next time...happy stitching!



  1. Glad to hear your bug has returned. Lovely stitching on thr sampler. The only tip I would give is to learn and remember to clean and oil your machine. I had an awful time trying to make large outdoor set covers. My thread kept breaking and I couldnt figure out why. Finally I gave it a clean and an oil and it worked like new again. Now I make sure I do it regularly.

  2. I'm also glad that buggy has returned. It's so frustrating when he goes walkies. But he's obviously returned with gusto as the sampler's looking good so far.
    The only comment I will make about a sewing machine and generally finishing a project is - take your time. I know I'm stating the obvious but the finish is just as important as the hours of stitching you have already done.
    I hope Santa is good to you.... :)

    1. Ooooo nice to see your bug back :)
      Beautiful stitching my dear..
      Big hugs x


  3. Ooooo nice to see your bug back :)
    Beautiful stitching my dear..
    Big hugs x

  4. Oops I made a mistake...sorry I comment in the reply side :)
    So excited to see the stitchy
    Hugs x

  5. Glad your little bug has returned :D
    Have fun with the sewing machine!! Best advice is to keep practising...
    Don't be afraid to "play" with fabrics and it will soon come :)

  6. It's always good news to read that someone has found their stitching bug again. I hope it will stay with you and you will enjoy finishing this baby sampler.

  7. Glad your bug is back.

    As others have said have fun and keep practising :)You'll soon find you have lots of lovely finishes.


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