Thursday, 4 September 2014

Time to relax? What's that?

Hello all!
Sorry I have been so quiet this last month, so much to do at home and work that I've been coming home exhausted! Hardly any stitching done and defo no energy even to blog. I have been keeping up with you all though so I'm not completely out the loop...

I know I told you I am working in an emergency night shelter as part of my Uni course. I love it just so so much, really feel like I know what I am doing now and even have some clients to keywork myself. It's all so positive and I am going to struggle leaving to go back to Uni next year for sure. Hopefully they will love me enough to offer me a job when I leave's hoping anyway. One of the activities we do with the clients is performing arts and recently completed a 6 week course of becoming a choir. We ended by playing a gig at a local festival called Weyfest and it was amazing. Even I was on stage singing and I have no confidence to do things like that! Awesome to see what working with others brings out in me.

My stitching hasn't completly come to a halt. I managed to stitch up a little card for my Grandmas birthday which was today. Saw this in a recent issue of World of Cross Stitch and loved it, knew she would too. Although Grandma wants to frame it as well! I'm very flattered....

I'm starting to get a little more patience with backstitching now, although it will never be my favourite job to do. My next project is to continue on with the birth samplers for my nephew and best friends daughter who are due in December and November. So a bit of time but it is rapidly disappearing, losing the stitchy bug due to tiredness has eaten into my schedule a bit...
My little brother got into Uni! Yippee! I am so proud of him. He is going to study Drama and Theatre Studies at Portsmouth - which is great for me to go shopping hehe. Wonder if there are any craft shops at Gunwharf, may have to look into that. Andi got his house sorted today as well, one week to go then he is on his own two feet! Scary stuff.
I also have a new addition to my little family by way of a Syrian Hamster called Garibaldi, or Gary for short. He is a gorgeous little character and is super friendly and tame and loves a cuddle, just the perfect pet. My dog, full sized Labrador, is still frightened when Gary gets in his ball and rolls around. Considering the size difference, I tell my dog he is a big fat wimp!
Gary selfie!
Hope you are all well. Thanks for bearing with me and until next time....Happy stitching!




  1. Hello!
    Just found you through Rachel's blog.
    Love that card - it's so sweet I'm not surprised your Grandma wants to frame it.
    You sound as if you are really enjoying the voluntary work (:
    Gorgeous hamster too.
    Happy stitching!

  2. Isn't it awful when something - anything - gets in the way of stitching??? Still, it sounds as if you are enjoying your work and helping the community - something which too few people do these days.
    Your card is gorgeous, as is Garibaldi. Just be mindful to keep him away from your stitching before he decides to take a chunk out of it!!! :)

  3. What a cute cute little card!!! Such a sweet design, congrats!

  4. So sweet..very pretty card xx

  5. You seem to enjoy your work completely. And your stitching, too. What a wonderful card you made for your grandmother, no wonder that she wants to frame this nice little design.

  6. Oh Gary is so cute and clever to take a selfie!! Lol!! Your card is beautiful!

  7. Hey there! I wonder if Gary and you are all right. The kitten is so cute and lovely. Merry Christmas, sweetie!
    Amelia Walsh


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