Saturday, 27 September 2014

TUSAL and holibobs

Hi all,

Hope you are all well! I'll kick off with my TUSAL which is hosted by Daffycat. It's where we post pictures of our thread ends (ORTs) and show them off each month as a way of gauging how much, or little, stitching we've got done...

I've made a bit of progress with the baby sampler. A few weeks ago I sprained my weak ankle again and after being on holiday this week, it's been playing up again so I had a day of enforced rest today. Meant I got loads done!!
I recently won a £20 Amazon voucher from something I took part in in Uni and I've used it to buy myself a Q-snap frame. I'm so excited, I can't wait for it to arrive! Heard so much about them from you all...I just couldn't resist.

Michael and I had a weeks holiday this week. Nothing special, just using up annual leave. We have done lots of fun stuff though from adventure golf on 'Pirate Island' to taking a night out and going down to see my brother in Portsmouth where he is at university. We took him out for lunch and got a nosey around his new house which was nice. Our hotel we stayed in was very funky and we had a really chilled out and fun evening. Will defo do it again! Sadly my bad ankle couldn't take much walking so we couldn't stay any longer on Friday afternoon as I was worried about driving home. Thinking I might talk to the doctor about some strengthening exercises for it!!

Oh well back to work Monday. I'm really looking forward to it after such a lovely week. I feel very refreshed and ready to get back!! Hope you are all well. Until next time...happy stitching!!



  1. I like all your threads in your jar... I have one too, I like the colors it makes :)
    Awe hope your ankle heals soon :)
    Yes!! Q snap frames are wonderful, I have all sizes and will never go back to wooden ones now! Hope you like it :)
    Hope your week ahead is a wonderful one :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Hi Rachel! I hope your ankle is feeling somewhat better by now.
    I know you are going to like using a Qsnap. I found it made stitching a lot easier for me.


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